Challenge to USA 21

Work, Study & Travel

In October 2007, the United States and Korean governments agreed to launch a study abroad program called WEST(Work, English Study and Travel). As a result, 5,000 Korean college students can now come to the U.S. annually under this program to take advantage of global internship opportunities.

This program allows students to stay in America for a total of 18 months: 5 months for language school, 12 months for internship, and 1 month for travel.

In the spirit of educational and cultural exchange between the United States and countries around the globe, the U.S. Department of State administers the Exchange Visitor Program to provide participants with opportunities for job training for 3-18 months in the United States.

The purpose of ‘Challenge to USA’ is to arrange internship programs for Korean students, including candidates for the WEST program. Our business will also focus on finding jobs for Korean foreign students and Korean American students.

Our role will be to develop business partnerships with many companies that want to hire Korean students.

I would like to ask your company to provide opportunities for Korean students. Providing such opportunities can lead to solidarity and enhance the relationship between the U.S. and Korea.

‘Challenge to USA’ will provide various packaged services, including language programs and travel plans. Also, students will be assisted in their efforts to find housing and health care for quicker adjustment to life in the U.S..

Many Korean students will want to pursue their dreams in America, the land of opportunity, through ‘Challenge to USA’.

I hope that your company will seriously consider providing opportunities for bright and talented young men and women from Korea under our program. I look forward to a positive response from your company.


Chang Wook Kim


‘Challenge to USA 21’